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2/44 Deering St, Ulladulla, NSW & 2/43 Wason St, Milton, NSW

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After identifying a gap in the local market, mother and daughter team Liz & Meg launched Dwell 35° South in September 2019, to offer a unique range of products with the aim of supporting local artisans in the South Coast of New South Wales and providing ethically sourced alternatives to mass-produced items.

Launching a new business is never easy but Liza and Meg could hardly have imagined the obstacles mother nature would shortly throw their way!

With devastating bush fires in 2019, followed closely by the Covid19 pandemic, small business owners in the South Coast of New South Wales found themselves facing the most challenging business environment in decades. As Meg notes, “opening the business and then going straight into a devastating fire season, followed by a global pandemic has been incredibly tough and was very challenging for us."

Meg and Liza have always been involved in the community, from supporting the Disabled Surfers Association to raising funds in the Bawley Classic for Leukaemia and, despite the many demands of running a newly opened business, Meg and Liza actively assisted the local RFS during the bush fire season.

“With all the area has been through it’s great to have a community that rallies together to support each other, it can make the world of difference,” Meg observes adding, "Being a part of a small community on the South Coast, every business works hard to be unique and everyone works together and supports one another. I feel very fortunate to have a business in this area as all the locals look out for each other and visitors to the area always have wonderful feedback and are incredibly respectful."

Though the fires are long gone, the trauma of those events can be ongoing and Meg’s proudest moments since starting Dwell 35° South have been helping clients impacted by the bush fires, by assisting them create a safe sanctuary. “It has been invaluable to inspire people to support one another” says Meg, adding “our community has gone above and beyond for one another, so I feel proud to be a part of a very resilient group."

Dwell 35° South is stocked with a wide range of beautiful, locally sourced products. The product range includes furniture, lighting, linen, art, wall hangings and much more. You really need to visit the web site to appreciate just how unique the products are. When asked what she would recommend to someone who has never shopped at Dwell 35° South, Meg said “My favourite pieces are our dried floral bouquets – each one is unique, and they last forever.” All stems are locally sourced, and Meg works with clients to create arrangements specifically for them, and then personally preserves them to make sure the final product is of the highest quality and will last a lifetime.

Such has been the success of their business, both retail and online that Dwell 35° South is already expanding, having recently opened its second store, in Milton, NSW. Meg intends to put all her time and effort into the new store to ensure its clients enjoy the same high standards of products and customer service experienced by clients of her Ulladulla store.

Meg, who has a degree in Social Policy & Design, specialising in lighting and spatial design, hopes to get back into interior design and styling once the Milton store is well established. Passionately supporting Australian made and environmentally friendly initiatives, Meg soon hopes to be designing and hand-making homewares and furniture from sustainable materials sourced locally on the South Coast.

Out of disaster, often comes moments of clarity, and for Meg the bushfires and covid pandemic "Forced me to really question what I felt was important to me and what makes me happy. As much as I would still love to work in the public service sector one day to advocate for the arts industry and small businesses, I am passionate about creating unique and sustainable furniture and homewares for people as I feel that the planet and environment are suffering, and I hope to inspire people to purchase good quality and ethically made pieces that will last a lifetime".

Visit the Dwell 35° South website to see how easy it is to support the environment and sustainability, without compromising on comfort, style or durability.


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