Supporting Small Businesses

The lifeblood of the economy and the backbone of every community!

Small Businesses are the heart and soul of every country town, suburb and city. Every small business has a story behind it, a reality that started as a dream, and an owner who wanted to share their passion with the world.

All too often in life we get swept up with the best deals, cheapest products and most easily accessible that we forget the smaller businesses that provide amazing customer service, great quality products and a sense of home whenever you step through their doors.

Growing up, every second Christmas, my family would pack up the car and take the 12 hour drive from Sydney to Melbourne. We would stop at all the country towns and explore the local antique stores, boutique shops and great landmarks that put these towns on the map. Now days, highways bypass these towns and and get forgotten about in the hustle and bustle of life.

I think its a real shame because some of my favourite memories of growing up were visiting these little towns.

Small Businesses across Australia provide that great customer service that I used to experience in those country towns. You are always greeted with a warm smile and a great conversation!

I've started this blog because, especially in the wake of Covid-19, I want to be able to spread the importance of small businesses to the economy, shed some light on the great boutiques and small businesses around Australia, and the extraordinary people and stories behind them! Every small businesses started with a passion, a passion for coffee, a passion for wine, a passion for fashion, and most importantly, a passion for customer service.

I would love it if this blog inspired you to spend that little bit more and support your local small business, or even plan a trip to visit some small businesses on the other side of the country (when restrictions start to ease!), but most of all, I want to promote some of those small businesses that you may never knew existed.

Please feel free to drop me a message on the contact page if you know of a great small business that you would like to share with our community!

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